# App Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and reviews is a functionality of the App Center that allows merchants to provide a star rating accompanied by a written review detailing their experience with the applications they are currently subscribed to.

This functionality also allows developers to respond to merchant reviews to address concerns, answer questions and continue improving their applications. GoDaddy Poynt will use ratings data as an additional parameter to determine app placement on the App Center carousels and within search results.

This is an big step towards a better discoverability for developers that provide high-quality solutions as ultimately, higher ratings will result in better app ranking.


Please make sure to read the app ratings, reviews and responses policy before using this functionality to ensure a positive experience.

# Managing Ratings & Reviews

For developers, the ratings and reviews functionality will be found in the RATINGS & REVIEWS tab whenever you select an application on the Apps section. Here, you will see the total amount of ratings and reviews, as well as the total rating score.

Whenever a merchant submits a new rating, developers will be notified via email. We highly encourage responding to all reviews as it can help new developer organizations to build a strong reputation.


Every rating and review will have an action button on the right side. If the review has not been answered, the button will show up as "Reply". If there is already a response, the button will show up as "See Reply".


Once a developer responds to a review, the merchant will be notified via email. However, developers are enabled to edit and update their comments on their reply to reflect the most current answer.

Within this tab, you will be able to search and filter ratings and reviews based on multiple parameters, including star rating, subscription type, and reply status.


# Helpful Reviews

The ratings and reviews feature offers the possibility for users to mark reviews as helpful. This way merchants can bring certain issues to the developer's attention, including bugs, questions, and improvement suggestions.

Developers can also visualize the helpful tag on the developer center and sort reviews by most helpful.



Helpful reviews can become a good way to prioritize reviews in cases where the developer cannot answer to every single one.

Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 8:01:18 AM