# Creating a Test Merchant

Test merchants are the perfect option to begin testing your app's functionalities and overall performance. In this section, we have laid out the steps to create and explore a test merchant in the developer center.

  1. Go to the Test Lab section on the left navigation and click Create Test Merchant.
Test Merchant 1
  1. The system will provide random merchant details for you to create the new test merchant.


You can change the merchant name, but we recommend keeping the default bank, since all of the transactions will be going against our testing environment.

Test Merchant 2
  1. Select whether you want to include a test catalog and click Continue to create the new test merchant.
Test Merchant 3

Once you finish creating the test merchant, you will be redirected to the Merchants list where you can find, select and work with your newly created merchant.

Test Merchant 3


In the Actions column you will have the options to either Manage the test merchant or View As to get a full merchant perspective.

Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 8:01:18 AM