# Your First Application

At this point, you must be eager to begin your journey developing innovative solutions for merchants around the world. On this documentation, you will find the guidelines and necessary resources to develop the application of your choice.

We have designed a recommended development flow that illustrates how to approach the application development process. There is also a great number of resources to help you speed up development, testing and documentation search.

Within our current structure, developers can create three types of solutions as explained below.

# POS Applications

POS Applications correspond to the merchant solutions that can be accessed through our Smart Terminals and provide a direct interaction and experience for merchants. They can collect consumer data in real time, or integrate with some of the terminal's accessories.

Developers can build POS Applications using Poynt SDKs for Android, which allows them create comprehensive UIs that run on Smart Terminals.

To begin developing an application like this one, please refer to our terminal applications section.

# Cloud Applications

This type of application is usually known for running components of its design between the client-side and the server-side. Given that all the services and data managed by GoDaddy Poynt is accessible through RESTful APIs, developers can create solutions that process data and manage merchant operations such as transactions, orders, business, customers, products, etc.

To begin developing an application like this one, please refer to our cloud applications section.

# Semi-Integrated Applications

Semi-integrated apps are solutions that are initially running on an external system and wish to connect to the Smart Terminal or Cloud using a local network connection.

Currently, GoDaddy Poynt supports three types of semi-integrations.

  1. Payment Bridge API

  2. POS Bridge


If you need any additional assistance once you start developing, you can check out the Developer Forum (opens new window), or reach out to our support team at devsupport@poynt.co.

Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 8:01:18 AM