# Development Flow

GoDaddy Poynt enables you to build applications that you can monetize through the App Marketplace. Regardless of the type of solution you want to create, we have designed a very straightforward process to get you started as quickly as possible.


Once you begin following the development flow, many of the steps will require interaction with our platform, so it's important that you set up a Developer Account in our Portal.

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# App Ideation & Design

This is considered one of the most important steps in the development lifecycle. Here, you must determine the kind of application you want to create, as well as functionalities, features and overall purpose.

We recommend checking the section Get to Know our Merchants to gain a better understanding of what potential users may be looking for.

If you are still unsure about the types of applications you can develop on GoDaddy Poynt, make sure to check out our sections for POS, Cloud, and Semi-Integrated applications for more information on the subject.

# Development & Testing

This part of the process will depend entirely on you as a developer. However, we have placed a great number of resources and tools within our documentation to help you through the creation and development processes. You can also utilize all the Available Resources to create innovative features and dynamic functionalities for your application.

We strongly recommend taking whatever time is necessary to test your application thoroughly. If you have a Dev Kit, the device will also allow you to test card readings and second-screen information, among other POS interactions.

# Review & Approval

Once you finish your application, you can submit it for review through the Developer Portal. GoDaddy Poynt will evaluate the submission to verify its compliance with our existing Development Guidelines and provide any necessary feedback for you to implement in the application.

The review and approval process is usually completed within one business day. If your application is rejected, you also will receive a detailed explanation on the portal.

# App Marketplace Launch

After receiving the approval confirmation, you can determine when you would like to begin piloting the application. GoDaddy Poynt will follow the piloting criteria, and the application will become available to all merchants through the App Marketplace.

Based on your business model, merchants will be able to subscribe/purchase the application. At the same time, GoDaddy Poynt will coordinate all the billing details.

# Growth & Enhancement

Based on the merchant experience, feedback and suggestions, you can continue to implement enhancements to the application and release new versions with additional features, newer styles, or any other improvements you consider necessary.

When releasing a new version, you should also create a strategy to transfer merchants from the existing version to the new one without affecting their subscription or the application's performance.

# Marketing & Distribution

GoDaddy Poynt's marketing and distribution model is based on an open-platform concept. This means that we connect approved applications with hundreds of thousands of merchants worldwide through the App Marketplace.

Developers can create solutions to solve merchant needs and monetize them using a subscription model at the store, terminal, or business level. Currently, GoDaddy Poynt supports several subscription models, including monthly and weekly, with free trials in most cases. The minimum subscription charge should be $5.00 as the platform does not support free applications.

Once you sign up and add your first app to the developer portal, you will also be able to manage profits and track app installations from your dashboard.

Last Updated: 4/13/2022, 3:57:15 PM