# Subscription Plans

Before submitting your application for review, you must create at least one subscription plan to allow merchants to use your application for a monthly charge. All types of subscription plans are subject to review and must be approved by GoDaddy Poynt.

Once your application is live, merchants will be able to register a payment method and GoDaddy Poynt will coordinate the billing process every month, unless there is a cancellation on the merchant side.


We are no longer processing immediate cancellation refunds. If a merchant decides to cancel their subscription, the cancellation will be effective at the end of the billing cycle, allowing them to use the application until the cancellation is effective.

# Creating a New Plan

Please follow the steps outlined below to create a new subcription plan.

  1. Go to the Apps section on the left navigation, and select the application for which you want to create a new subscription plan.
New Application 5
  1. Go to the PLANS & PRICING tab and click Create Subscription Plan.
New Plan 1


If you are building a Smart Terminal app, you must first upload an APK to enable the subscription plans feature.

This button will open a form with the following inputs:

New Plan 3
  • Plan Name: You must provide a descriptive name for your plan to differentiate between price tiers or for cases where you have multiple plans.

  • Region: Here you will see the regions you selected in the App Region Availability section.


    If you selected multiple regions, you must create a subscription plan for each region.

  • Plan Scope: You must select whether you want to charge merchants for your app at the store, or bussiness level. To learn more about plan scopes, please refer to the billing and monetization section.

  • Billing Cycle: Currently, GoDaddy Poynt only supports monthly billing cycles, which start on the first day of each month.

  • Plan Description: This is meant to show the plan details and the features it offers when there are multiple plan tiers.

  • Price: The price of the plan must be provided in local currency based on the region selected for the plan.

  • Free Trial Length: This section corresponds to the amount of days you want users to test your application at no cost before entering the normal billing cycle.


Make sure to check out free plans for more information on the subject.

Once you complete the form with the details of your subscription plan, you must click Create New Plan.

  1. After you click Create New Plan, you must read and accept the prompt.
New Plan 4

Once you complete this step, you will redirected to the PLANS & PRINCING tab and get a success notification on your screen.

From here, you can manage and create more subscription plans as necessary.

New Plan 5

# Free Plans

The developer center has recently enabled the possibility to submit a free plan with your application by clicking on the Free Plan checkbox while creating a subscription plan. However, free plans are evaluated by the GoDaddy Poynt team to review their applicability in the App Center ecosystem. This evaluation is based on the Free Plan criteria outlined below.

# Free Plan Criteria

  • The Developer/Organization has an existing agreement with GoDaddy Poynt allowing them to submit free plans for their applications.

  • The Developer/Organization is also a Reseller partner that has been authorized by GoDaddy Poynt to submit a free plan.

  • There is a clear differentiation between the features exposed on the paid subscription plan and the free plan, thus expanding the audience and adding value through different plans.

  • There is a strategy in place to promote paid plans for users that are subscribed to the free version.

Last Updated: 12/20/2023, 11:02:09 AM