# General Overview

# Scope

Application plans can be set at different scopes based on your business model. Here at GoDaddy Poynt, merchants can have multiple stores (MIDs) in their business, and each store can have one or more terminals (TIDs). This scope provides the best coverage for most of the applications.

business model
  • Business - Plans with a Business scope will allow the merchant to subscribe and use your app at any store and terminal that they have. This scope is more useful for Apps that provide functionality aggregated at business level across multiple stores. Sample use cases include:

    • Data Analytics
    • Reporting
    • Inventory Distribution
    • Logistics
  • Store - Plans with Store scope will allow the merchant to subscribe and use your app on every terminal at the store for which they have subscribed for. Sample use cases include:

    • Employee Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Product Catalogs
    • Supplier Chain Management
    • POS applications

# Revenue Share

We offer a very straightforward revenue split of 80/20 over Net Revenue for applications running on GoDaddy Poynt, as outlined in the Developer Distribution Agreement. 80% goes to you (the developer) and the remaining 20% goes to GoDaddy Poynt.

If you wish to learn more about pricing, enterprise and semi-integrated solutions, you can also contact us at devsupport@poynt.co to receive more information.

# Test Merchants

Developers and Testing teams using Poynt DevKits and emulators use Test Merchant accounts for development and testing. Although GoDaddy Poynt makes sure that Test Merchants are not charged for the usage, it's the developer's responsibility to access control usage of your app.

You can verify the business type to make sure it's a LIVE or TEST merchant.

Last Updated: 9/29/2023, 10:09:48 AM