# Application Management

# Management & Distribution

In accordance with the developer agreement, GoDaddy Poynt will be in charge of managing the app distribution, including the collection and disbursement of funds to ecosystem partners. Added to this, GoDaddy Poynt is in charge of managing all channels for app distribution, including the App Center and through administrative tools such as Mission Control.

For selected partners, GoDaddy Poynt may provision special access to Mission Control for the correct management of partner-owned applications. GoDaddy Poynt will work diligently to ensure the most seamless sign-up experience for merchants, including offering a variety of payment options for purchase.

We will also evaluate adding alternative payment methods that reduce sign-up and payment friction (eg. acquirer billing); however, these methods must meet a minimum usability bar, clearly deliver value and the implementation timeline is subject to roadmap prioritization.

# Vetting Process

GoDaddy Poynt will conduct a rigorous but streamlined process for developer and application vetting. For this reason, developers must comply with the relevant laws and are subject to KYC identification and verification processes.

Applications must also serve a valid business purpose, with a clear benefit to merchants while adhering to the following:

  • Applications cannot contain or promote any content that is illegal or considered inappropriate.

  • Applications must be developed to meet or exceed published usability and security guidelines.

  • Applications must meet quality, availability and support requirements as well as SLAs.

Last Updated: 10/4/2022, 8:01:35 AM