# Cloud Applications

All the GoDaddy Poynt managed services and data are accessible through RESTful APIs in the cloud. These APIs can be used to build applications that can sync or process data.

Cloud applications can also create and manage resources on-behalf of the merchant after receiving their authorization. Additionally, developers can build mobile applications for consumers that connect back to the merchant’s Smart Terminal. Therefore, existing terminal applications can also make Cloud API calls.

If the merchant has the terminal application installed on their device, the API call will not require additional authorization.


You can refer to our Merchant Authorization section for more information.

Cloud Architecture

As a general understanding, consuming GoDaddy Poynt APIs on behalf of a merchant involves the following steps:

  1. Registering an Application detailing the resources your application would like to access on behalf of the merchant to obtain API Credentials

  2. Obtaining an Access Token from the Poynt OAuth2.0 endpoint

  3. Make authenticated API calls passing the Access Token in the Authorization header.

Last Updated: 10/5/2022, 2:59:18 PM