# Payment Bridge API

# General Overview

The Payment Bridge API provides a way for external systems (e.g. web-based POS systems) to start a transaction flow on GoDaddy Poynt Smart Terminals using Poynt cloud APIs.


While this API is currently available at no charge, GoDaddy Poynt reserves the right to introduce an API usage fee in the future without notice.

# Message Flow

Payment Bridge Sequence Diagram

This API follows the steps outlined below as part of the messaging process.

  1. The external System must send a Poynt Cloud Message with a payment request containing the merchant's businessId, storeId and terminalId, which will be the most important identifiers in each call.

  2. After this, Poynt Cloud will authorize the caller and route the message to the corresponding merchant terminal.

  3. Finally, Payment Bridge will receive the incoming message and start the necessary payment flows on the device.

Last Updated: 4/2/2024, 6:17:20 AM