# Poynt Cloud

There are several way of integrating an external POS with Poynt:

  1. Payment Bridge API. This API provides support for basic sale, void and refund operations.
  2. Using PnP button which requires no API integration. Payment button can be embed in your web-based POS using our javascript snippet.
  3. Implementing your own communication protocol leveraging Poynt Cloud API. This is the most flexible option but requires more integration effort from the developer.

# Local Network

POS Bridge is a free app that can be downloaded by merchants via Poynt Store. The POS app will need to use either Poynt iOS or Windows SDK to connect to the terminal.

# Other

Since PoyntOS is based on Android, developers have a wide array of options and can implement their own connector using USB, Bluetooth, web sockets, etc.

Last Updated: 3/28/2022, 5:52:23 PM