# What is Semi-Integration?

In a general sense, semi-integration is a checkout method employed by small businesses and retailers to integrate payment processing services and POS software while guaranteeing a secure and streamlined process.

GoDaddy Poynt has implemented this as a solution to allow existing applications to connect and function together with GoDaddy Poynt's Software and Hardware. This integration helps existing applications to comply payment regulations and other external requirements.

Additionally, it ensures a secure payment processing flow that protects customer information at all times. Currently, there are three ways to integrate an external POS with GoDaddy Poynt:

  1. Payment Bridge API, which provides support for basic sale, void and refund operations for existing web applications.

  2. POS Bridge is a free application that can be downloaded by merchants via Poynt Store. The POS app will need to use either Poynt iOS or Windows SDK to connect to the terminal.

  3. Lastly, you can also implement your own communication protocol leveraging Poynt Cloud APIs. This is the most flexible option but requires more integration effort from the developer.

# What Makes it Special?

Semi-integration with GoDaddy Poynt allows you join a large and powerful workforce oriented to providing a new and more integrated experience for merchants. This means you are accessing tools and resources created specially to help developers grow and share their ideas.

It is also a flexible option that allows you to get started with GoDaddy Poynt much faster.

# Resources

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