# Test and Deploy

# Testing

You will need to create an adapter and perform tests with it on the ST or CI environment first. Once it is tested and approved, then the adaptor can be deployed to the production.

In order to test the adaptor, you need following :

  • Create a test merchant account

  • Set up a test terminal under the test merchant (Make sure you have the right O.S and right configuration file)

  • Create the Lego adaptor

  • Assign the adaptor to your merchant

  • Perform a transaction with a test card or L3 test case

  • Go to Logs screen in Lego adaptor and enter the Request id of the transaction

  • You can see the transaction details as below

The transaction details show operations and controls performed in the Poynt Cloud step by step. It shows the Transaction Request, any Poynt error(s) (see Poynt Cloud Error Codes section), any error(s) during Adaptor processing, acquirer request and response messages, EMV data and many more. When you click on any item, it shows the details of it.

Lego 1a

Lego 1b

Lego 1c

Lego 1d

Lego 1e

When you click ApiMetric item, you can see more basic information about transaction such as Error Code, Entry Mode, transaction status, pin exists and card type.

# Catching Adapter Errors

When there is a mistake in the adapter, you can see it in transaction details screen as shown below.

Errors 1

When you click the ApiMetrics, you will see error codes and more details as below. devErrorMsg shows the description of the error.

Errors 2

# Poynt API Error codes

HTTP STATUS Error Code Error Message
400 STORE_DEVICE_ALREADY_REGISTERED "Store device already registered with a different store."
400 STORE_DEVICE_ALREADY_ACTIVATED "Store device already activated."
400 STORE_DEVICE_UNVERIFIED "Store device failed verification."
400 BUSINESS_ALREADY_EXISTS "The business already registered in our system."
400 CREDENTIAL_ALREADY_EXISTS "The credential already exists."
400 CARD_ALREADY_EXISTS "The card already exists."
400 BAD_CARD_DATA "The card data provided is invalid or incomplete."
400 TXN_ALREADY_CAPTURED "The transaction has already been captured."
400 CAPTURE_NOT_ALLOWED "The transaction can't be captured."
400 TXN_ALREADY_REFUNDED "The transaction has already been refunded."
400 TXN_ALREADY_VOIDED "The transaction has already been voided."
400 DEVICE_ALREADY_PRESENT "The device is already present."
400 ORDER_UUID_ALREADY_EXISTS "The Order UUID already exists and is too old."
400 REQUEST_ID_DUPLICATE "The Poynt-Request-Id has already been processed."
400 REQUEST_IN_PROGRESS "The Poynt-Request-Id is currently being processed."
400 ORDER_ALREADY_COMPLETED "The Order has already been marked as completed."
400 TXN_DUPLICATE "We have detected a transaction that might be duplicate."
400 TXN_ALREADY_EXISTS "The transaction already exists."
400 NO_SESSION_KEY_RETURNED "No Session Key was returned."
500 DATABASE_ERROR "System error."
500 INTERNAL_ERROR "System error."
400 ATLEAST_ONE_TXN_FAILED "Order cancelled as at least one of the transactions failed."
400 PROCESSOR_DECLINED "Processor declined."
400 PROCESSOR_TIMEOUT "Processor call timed out. A request to cancel this has already been issued."
400 PROCESSOR_DETECTED_DUP "Processor detected duplicate txn. If this is not duplicate, please retry after 6 minutes."
502 PROCESSOR_SIGNON_FAILED "Processor sign-on failed; typically retriable."
504 EXTERNAL_SERVER_CONNECT_FAILURE "Could not connect to external server."
504 EXTERNAL_SERVER_READ_TIMEOUT "Call to external server timed out. If this was payments related operation, a request to cancel this has already been issued."
502 EXTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR "Unknown error from the server."
400 CUSTOM_FUNDING_ERROR "There was a problem processing the custom funding source."
417 CUSTOM_FUNDING_VERIFICATION_REQUIRED "Funding source verification required."
400 MISSING_PARAMETER "Required parameter is missing."
404 STORE_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND "Store device not found in our records."
404 BUSINESS_AGREEMENT_NOT_FOUND "Business agreement not found in our records."
404 BUSINESS_NOT_FOUND "Business not found in our records."
400 BUSINESS_NOT_SETUP "Business is not fully setup."
400 ACQUIRER_NOT_SETUP "Acquirer is not fully setup."
404 CARD_NOT_FOUND "Card not found in our records."
404 ORDER_NOT_FOUND "Order not found"
404 CUSTOMER_NOT_FOUND "Customer not found in our records."
400 MULTIPLE_CARDS_MATCHING_PAN "Multiple card found matching PAN."
400 TXN_NEVER_PROCESSED "Transaction processing was started but never completed"
404 APPLICATION_NOT_FOUND "Application not found in our records."
404 TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUND "Transaction not found"
404 KEY_NOT_FOUND "Key not found"
400 CAPTURE_EXCEEDS_PREAUTH_BAL "Capture total exceeds pre-auth balance on card"
400 INVALID_PARAMETER "Parameter provided is invalid."
400 CANCEL_UNSUPPORTED_ON_MODIFIED_ORDER "Order cancel currently not supported on orders that have been modified"
404 INVALID_URL_PATTERN "Url pattern is invalid."
401 LOGIN_FAILED "Login failed."
400 UNSUPPORTED_TXN_TYPE "Transaction type is unsupported."
400 UNSUPPORTED_TXN_ACTION "Transaction action is unsupported."
401 INVALID_ACCESS_TOKEN "Access token is missing or invalid."
401 INVALID_REFRESH_TOKEN "Refresh token is missing or invalid."
400 INVALID_REQUEST "Bad request."
401 UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS "Access not authorized for the requested resource."
404 INVALID_RESOURCE_ID "The requested resource does not exist."
400 ITEM_NOT_FULFILLED_OR_RETURNED "Order should probably not be completed as there are items that are neither fulfilled, nor returned."
400 ORDER_TXN_RECON_FAILED "Order should probably not be completed as funds received do not match with funds expected for this order."
409 RESOURCE_MODIFIED "The resource was modified. Please re-get the resource before proceeding."
404 RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND "Cannot find the resource."
400 WEBHOOK_UNDELIVERABLE "Cannot deliver the web hook."
499 BROKEN_PIPE "The client closed the connection before response transmission finished."
400 UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION "The operation is not supported."
403 STORE_DEVICE_NOT_ACTIVATED "Store device has not been activated."
403 APPLICATION_NOT_ACTIVATED "Application has not been activated."
503 RKMS_UNAVAILABLE "Failed to communicate with the RKMS service."
504 SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE "Failed to communicate with the upstream service."
401 INVALID_ACCESS_TOKEN_SIGNATURE "Failed to validate JWT signature."
401 INVALID_ACCESS_TOKEN_KEY "Access token signing key does not match."
500 FAILED_TO_UNLOCK_BATCH_STATE "Close Batch : Failed to unlock the Batch State, for empty txns"
500 FAILED_TO_GEN_SETTLEMENT_PAYLOAD "Close Batch : Settlement payload generation failed"
500 BATCH_NOT_FOUND_FOR_QD "Close Batch : No failed batch found to recover from QD error"
504 FAILED_TO_CONNECT_ACQUIRER "Close Batch : Failed to connect Acquirer");
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