# Adapter Identification

The primary identifier of an adapter is its ID. This is a UUID value that will not change through its life.

An alternate way to identify your adapter is via its name and version number. Poynt recommends that you name your adapter with appropriate package naming namespace. For example: com.abc.adapterxyz. This will allow easy identification of your adapter via a human readable name that is unlikely to clash with other developer's adapters.

# Adapter Versioning

# Version

While Poynt does not enforce any particular versioning scheme, it is highly recommended that you use semantic versioning scheme to define your version.

Adapter Versions

# Variants

Development Variant
All adapters begin with a development variant. A variant is a complete copy of your adapter. The development variant is your current working version and you are free to make any changes and test in Poynt CI environment.

In Review Variant
Once your development variant is ready for production, you must submit it for Poynt's review. When you submit your adapter for review, a review variant copy is made of your development variant. You are free to continue making changes to your development variant while Poynt review your in review variant copy.


While there is a variant already in review, please do not submit your adapter again because your latest copy will overwrite whatever already submitted version, which will cause your reviewer to be confused. It is common curtesy to notify your review before sub submitting a new copy if they are in the middle of reviewing your adapter.


It is also important to update your version appropriately for every review submission to prevent any confusion.

Approved Variant
If in review variant copy of your adapter is deemed ready for deployment to production, Poynt will approve it. This will create yet another copy of your in review variant into an Approved variant. Only Approved variant are allowed to be deployed to production.

Once an adapter is approved, Poynt will copy it to the Poynt production environment.

Last Updated: 12/15/2020, 10:18:59 AM