# Wallet Integration with Poynt Collect

Wallet Integration allows merchant to accept web wallets such as GooglePay, ApplePay as a funding source option when choosing GoDaddy as payment processor. GoDaddy Payment backend will process wallet transaction on behalf of merchants to produce a chargeable nonce for performing transactions.

# Wallet Transaction Flow

  1. Mount Poynt Collect Javascript on merchant site
  2. Buyer enters sensitive payment information via wallet button
  3. Merchant site sends wallet token to GoDaddy Payment server for tokenization
  4. GoDaddy Payment server will return a chargeable token to the browser
  5. Merchant site passes chargeable token to their backend
  6. Merchant backend will charge token to initiate transaction

Notice that wallet involvement stops at step 3 where it generates wallet token. Proceeding steps follow the same flow as Poynt Collect.

# GooglePay Requirement

# Browser compatibility

# ApplePay Requirement

# Browser compatibility


GoDaddy Payment as Payment Service Provider will be interfacing all of the client interaction between ApplePay server using the appropriate certificate on each cloud environments. To proceed, you will need to have Developer Account to have the necessary credential to access our following environment servers:

  • Sandbox - Development: https://services-ci.poynt.net
  • Sandbox - Testing/Staging: https://services-st.poynt.net
  • Production: https://services.poynt.net
Last Updated: 9/4/2023, 1:28:22 PM