# What is Poynt Collect?

Payment processing and payment services are crucial elements of merchant operations. Every transaction is loaded with important and confidential information that is subject to numerous regulations across the country. GoDaddy Poynt saw this as an opportunity to centralize the payment processing service and create a new secure solution of our own.

Poynt Collect started a simple form that recorded the customer's credit card information to receive payments. Today, it has become a comprehensive payment processing solution equipped with a double layer of security to process payments while protecting the customer's information.

Poynt Collect Form

# How does it work?

Every time the form is completed, it creates a unique nonce that is used to create a token. The token obtained is used to charge the customer. This method allows the merchant to receive payments online without having to access customer data.

Poynt Collect can also record and recognize recurring customers, making it easier for merchants to identify previous transactions and process new payments with the same data through their page.

Poynt Collect
  • Developers mount the Poynt Collect JavaScript block on their payment page.

  • Customers enter sensitive card information using the Poynt Collect JavaScript form.

  • The sensitive data is sent directly to the GoDaddy Poynt server.

  • GoDaddy Poynt returns a nonce back to the browser.

  • The page passes the nonce back to the developer server.

  • The developer server will call the GoDaddy Poynt server and obtain a multi-use token using the initial nonce.

Last Updated: 9/4/2023, 1:28:22 PM