# Error Codes

This is a comprehensive list of all the possible error codes and their corresponding meaning.

Error Code Description
TIMEOUT_EXCEEDED 112 The timeout specified by the client POS has been exceeded.
TRANSACTIONID_NOT_FOUND 201 The transaction ID in the void or refund request has not been found.
INTERNAL_ERROR 202 An internal error has ocurred.
MALFORMED_REQUEST 203 The terminal was not able to parse the request, likely due to syntactical errors.
REQUEST_SIGNATURE_MISSING 203 The request is missing the signature.
AUTHORIZATION_NOT_SETTLED 204 Attempt to refund authorization that has not yet been settled.
CANNOT_VOID_CAPTURED_AUTHORIZATION 206 The attempt to void an authorization that has already been captured has failed.
AUTHORIZATION_ALREADY_VOIDED 207 Attempt to void an authorization that has already been voided.
TXN_ALREADY_VOIDED 207 Attempt to void an already voided transaction.
TRANSACTION_ALREADY_REFUNDED 208 Attempt to refund a transaction that has already been refunded.
REQUEST_SIGNATURE_MISMATCH 209 The signature of the request incorrect.
SETTLEMENT_SUBMISSION_ERROR 210 Reserved for future use.
SETTLEMENT_SUBMISSION_ERROR 211 Transaction has been declined by the processor.
Last Updated: 8/14/2023, 1:52:36 PM