# Release June 2020

# Dependencies
  • Poynt OS SDK Version: co.poynt.android.sdk:poynt-sdk:1.2.42
  • Poynt API Model Version: co.poynt.api:android-api-model:1.2.138
# Changes
Attribute Type Description
taxRateFixedAmount Long fixed tax amount applicable on item
taxRatePercentage Double tax percentage applicable on item
amountPrecision Integer precision of tax amount, defaults to 2, recommend to use 6
  • IPoyntReceiptPrintingService now supports generating transaction receipt
    IPoyntReceiptPrintingService.generateReceipt(bundle, callback)
  • Pass transaction in bundle with the key co.poynt.services.Constants.Keys.TRANSACTION

# Release January 2020

# Dependencies
  • Poynt OS SDK Version: co.poynt.android.sdk:poynt-sdk:1.2.39
  • Poynt API Model Version: co.poynt.api:android-api-model:1.2.132

# Release May 2019

  • Poynt OS SDK Version: co.poynt.android.sdk:poynt-sdk:1.2.34
  • Poynt API Model Version: co.poynt.api:android-api-model:1.2.125

# Release April 2019

  • Poynt OS SDK Version: co.poynt.android.sdk:poynt-sdk:1.2.33
  • Poynt API Model Version: co.poynt.api:android-api-model:1.2.120

# Changes since beta6 (1.2.11)

  • Updated API Model with new modifiers support (selectableVariations)
  • Support for skipping default Poynt receipt (setSkipReceipt(true) in payment object)
  • New transaction funding source: checks (CHEQUE)
  • Support for fees/surcharges at the item level (in addition to order level)

# Changes since beta5 (1.2.10)

  • Updated API Model (1.2.44) with a different parcel mechanism that allows for future version compatibility.
  • Updated Receipts as per Acquirer EMV certification requirements
  • Support for Android Emulators
  • Various bug fixes
  • Capability Manager & Accessory Manager updates
  • Settlements application

# Changes since beta4 (1.2.8)

  • Updaed API Model (1.2.36) - please rebuild your apps to package the new version
  • Printer Service Updated
  • Support for Debit transactions
  • Support for Voice Auths
  • Support for EMV Referrals
  • Stability improvements

# Changes since beta3 (1.2.6)

  • Updated API Model (1.2.32)
  • Initial support for custom tenders (discounts & giftcards)
  • Stability improvements
  • New Payment Fragment UI
  • Payment bridge for external systems
  • Order Inbox

# Changes since beta2 update (1.2.4)

  • Payment Fragments converted into Payment Activity
  • Bug fixes in Register and Terminal Apps
  • Bug fixes in Payment Activity
  • Updates to Poynt Messages to support push notifications from cloud
  • API Model and SDK are now tracked with different version numbers
  • AIDL service interfaces clean up - mostly removing unnecessary test interfaces

# Changes since beta2

  • Discounts (item level only) support in Poynt Register (API support for both item level and order level)
  • Performance improvements in Register for catalog load
  • Sync adapters to keep various data resources in sync w/ Poynt Cloud
  • Poynt Cloud Messaging - enables application developers to send push notifications to Poynt Terminals
  • Multi-tender bug fixes in Payment Fragments
  • Various UI fixes in Poynt Terminal and Register Apps
  • Updates to Product Content Provider
  • Support for custom invoiceId, auth only mode and non-reference credits both in APIs and Poynt Terminal/Register Apps
  • Login screen changes

# Changes since beta1

  • SDK Package renamed: co.poynt.android.* —> co.poynt.os.*
  • New api-model changes with biggest being changes to Business and Store ID changed as UUIDs, and timestamps changed to Calendar
  • In-sync with Poynt Cloud APIs (v1.2) to provide inter-operability between terminal apps and cloud apps using the same data entities.
  • New Poynt Settings app that allows the merchants to add new business users and check their business, store and payment settings.
  • New AIDL service permissions, change in package name to include service version and consistent/simple callback model for all AIDL services (co.poynt.os.services.v1.*)
  • Updated apps (Register/Terminal/Insights). Register app now presents the product catalogs configured from the merchant portal.
  • More payment features added to Payment Fragment (support authorization only transaction, support for custom invoice ids, and non-reference credits) along with save transaction feature when offline websocket based live stream connection with host
  • New device activation app (OOBE) that verifies the merchant account (MID and TID), activates the device by generating device credentials and registering them with Poynt, creates a business user for the owner to login to the device and also triggers Poynt.net (merchant portal) signup email to the merchant’s email account.
  • New Product Catalog APIs with support for variants
  • New Intent actions for inter-app communications on Poynt devices
  • Crashlytics to all release builds to track application crashes.
  • Poynt Launcher updated with developer mode (on ten taps on the Poynt logo) to display all apps.
  • New Developer Portal to enable developers register test merchants, terminals, stores, etc. and obtain application credentials for integrating with Poynt Cloud APIs.
  • New Merchant Portal to enable merchants access their business data - orders, transactions, products, catalogs, users, and more.

# Beta Releases

Release Date SDK Version
beta7 07/26/2016 1.2.14
beta6 05/03/2016 1.2.11
beta5 01/22/2016 1.2.10
beta4 10/25/2015 1.2.8
beta3 04/22/2015 1.2.6
beta2-update 03/04/2015 1.2.4
beta2 01/16/2015 1.2.1
beta1 11/10/2014 1.0
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