# Submitting app through developer portal

  1. Create a New developer (opens new window) account or Sign-In to your existing one

  2. Create an new App

Enter the app name as you want it to show in Poynt Store.

  1. Download the Public-Private keypair The private key is used to generate self-sign JWT required to obtain an access token. You need this key if you plan to use Poynt Cloud API.


Poynt does not store your private key. If you lose your private key you will neeed to reset and download new key in Developer Portal.

  1. Go to App details

  2. Edit App details

If you need to reset your API private key, you can go to App Keys tab:

  1. Upload an Apk The package name of your app has to be unique in the Poynt Store. The best practice is to have the package name start with the domain name of your site (e.g. If you own domain name awesomedeveloper.com your apps package name should start with com.awesomedeveloper). Apps with package names starting with co.poynt or com.poynt will be rejected.


Make sure that you are uploading a signed release version of your apk (If you are uploading a dev variant to test billing integration it can be signed by Android Studio debug key)


Make sure you don't lose the key used to sign your apk. If you do, you will not be able to push updates to merchants who use your app and will need to create a new app with a different package name

You are not done yet. Uploading your apk does not submit your app for review!

  1. Provide additional information needed for your app to be listed in Poynt Store
  • Tagline is a short description for your app when it's displayed as a recommended app.
  • Region determines in which country your app will be available

Based on the country you select you will be promted to accept the Distribution Agreement.


MCCs, or Merchant category codes, classify businesses by what they sell or the service they provide. These four-digit codes are assigned by payment card organizations — Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover — when the business first starts accepting these methods of payment. Please provide the (MCC) codes of merchants (in a comma-delimited format) your app is best suited for. More information on (MCCs) codes can be found here (opens new window)

If you are uploading a new version of your app provide the list of changes in the Change Log.

Upload a minimum of two screenshots (for best results use 800x1280px resolution). You can also upload a video (up to 10MB).

Save the submission

  1. Create Billing plans

Cancelation Policy determines if the subscription will be canceled immediatey or will remain to be active until the end of the current billing cycle.

  1. Submit the apk for Poynt Review

The app has now been successfully Submitted.

# Next Steps:

After a Poynt agent approves the Plans, plan status changes from Pending to Approved.

After a Poynt agent approves the Apk for Beta-Testing, status changes to APPROVED.

After a Poynt agent approves the Apk for the Poynt App Marketplace, status changes to LIVE.

Last Updated: 10/22/2020, 12:06:46 AM