# Poynt Apps Ecosystem Principles

An open platform designed to bring technology superpowers to merchants in partnership with merchant acquirers and other distribution partners.

Leverages mobile best practices to create a thriving ecosystem (Apple, Android).

Low barrier to entry so any developer can easily get started.

Level playing field for developers where quality and value proposition drive success.

One marketplace where all merchants see all apps and developers.

Poynt is the custodian of the ecosystem, not the owner

The ecosystem consists of distributors, developers, merchants and Poynt.

Poynt’s duty as custodian is to ensure mutual, balanced benefits to all participants through the thoughtful development and enforcement of transparent policies.

Poynt is responsible for vetting apps and enforcing published policies.

Ecosystem alignment on policies and principles for distribution partners is essential, and Poynt will work to maintain this alignment and benefit all parties involved Poynt will work with partners to define developer and app policies.

Developers are not allowed to compete with a distribution partner’s core business.

Strategic distribution partners may distribute their own apps (up to 5 apps, created by the distribution partner) free of revenue share.

Poynt will manage app distribution, including the collection and disbursement of funds to ecosystem partners.

Poynt manages all channels of app distribution, including the Poynt Apps Marketplace and through administrative tools including Mission Control.

For select partners, Poynt may provision special access to Mission Control for the management of partner-owned apps.

Poynt shall work diligently to ensure the most seamless app sign-up experience for merchants, including offering a variety of ubiquitous payment options for purchase.

Poynt will evaluate at its option adding alternative payment methods that reduce sign-up and payment friction(eg. acquirer billing); however, these methods must meet a minimum usability bar, clearly deliver value-add and the implementation timeline is subject to roadmap prioritization.

Poynt shall conduct a rigorous but streamlined process for developer and application vetting

Developers must comply with relevant laws and are subject to KYC identification and verification process.

Apps must serve a valid business purpose, with a clear benefit to merchants.

Apps cannot contain or promote any content that is illegal or considered inappropriate.

Applications must be developed to meet or exceed all published usability and security guidelines.

Applications must meet quality, availability and support requirements and SLAs.

Developers must maintain a high level of quality in order to continue being a part of the Poynt app ecosystem.

Developers are required to provide adequate level of support for merchants using their apps.

Apps that fall short of providing the promised value to merchants and/or result in negative user feedback are subject to temporary suspension or even removal from the app ecosystem at the sole discretion of Poynt.

Distribution partners are encouraged to but not required to learn about the apps available in the marketplace to help merchants optimize and grow their business.

Poynt is committed to creating the best experience for each individual merchant, making it easy for merchants to learn about and try apps and bundles.

Merchant app bundling, matching and discovery is critical and will be delivered by Poynt.

Matching process optimized for quality, relevance and usefulness to merchant type.

Poynt will provide the best matching on HQ and terminal (maintain merchant trust) 30 days free with single-click signup.

Apps that are not matched will still be made available in a well-organized, navigable directory, in accordance to Poynt’s custodial duties to provide an open and balanced ecosystem.

In the event a merchant requests a refund, Poynt reserves the right to issue said refund without waiting until the developer / seller addresses any outstanding issues.

Usage of Poynt Cloud API and Cloud Messaging infrastructure will be monitored and where needed, throttled, to provide uninterrupted services for merchants.

Partner app recommendations are encouraged, so long as they conform to App Ecosystem principles.

Partner can make recommendations (apps or bundles) that will enhance the merchant experience.

Partner can sell their own bundles (subject to Poynt approval).

Bundles and apps within those bundles will conform to principles outlined herein.

Reselling merchant and Poynt data is strictly prohibited and may result in a ban from the app ecosystem.

Transactional Data is owned by merchant and managed by Poynt.

Collection of data related to other applications on the Poynt Platform without express written permission is also prohibited.

Last Updated: 10/22/2020, 12:06:46 AM